Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update in bullets

  • We are expecting a baby girl on May 4th
  • At yesterdays Dr. appt I was informed that the baby has made a huge leap in growth and is now measuring at 36 weeks instead of 34
  • This news has put me on pins and needles!
  • Her name will be Julia Adeline...Adeline after my mother's middle name
  • We asked Sophia what she thought of the names Norah and Juliette and she told us, "Stop joking with me..her name is Julia"...and so it shall be
  • We are excited
  • I am nervous and exhausted and moody
  • I have ZERO energy.  Next week I'm getting a housekeeper, enough is enough!
  • Sophia was accepted into preschool at our church for the Fall..she is SO is Mama!
  • It's nap time!


Jen said...

Congratulations! Love baby girl's name and that Sophia picked it! Yay for getting a housekeeper...once you start with one there's no turning back! I've had mine for a year and a half and don't know how I ever survived without her. Get some're gonna need it!

Autumn said...

Thanks Jen! I've learned, if you live in Texas in these big houses you gotta have a house cleaner! I am done trying to do it..ha ha!

Hope all is going smoothly with Miss Sophia and that she gets to come home soon :)

Displaced Pearl Girl said...

I had no idea that Sophia said that! How are the sisters?