Sunday, March 1, 2009

Made in China

This afternoon while attempting to entertain Sophia (she's been super whiny today), I started taking a good look at all of her toys. Just for fun I thought I'd make a pile of toys made in China and toys made in North America and other places. Well as you can guess the "Made in China" pile was huge and the other one not so much. This made me so disgusted with myself. Lately I've found that the more I find products that say "Made in China" in my home I just want to grab a Hefty bag and start trashing all of them. Sophia would have no toys, and we'd all probably be running around naked. So what to do? Obviously I have to be a smarter shopper. I'm tired of supporting companies that don't make their products locally and by locally I mean anywhere in North America. I'm at the point that if I see "Made in China" I'm leaving it at the store. This doesn't just apply to toys. I've discovered at the grocery store that sometimes I'm buying oranges "Grown in China"...why? California isn't that far away from us..wouldn't it be cheaper to buy oranges from there than to ship them over on a boat? It's so frustrating.

Does this bother any of you? If so, what changes have you made in your life to remedy this?

On another note, it looks like we've finally come to the end of this stomach flu. Boy was that a hellish week. Soph and I had it something horrible. Finally on Thursday/Friday/Saturday we both stayed on a clear liquid diet. Today is the first day she's had milk and solids and so far they are staying down (I'm praying this is the case as the day goes on).


Jenny said...

For some reason I haven't seen that you've updated your blog and when I try to link to yours from my site it takes me somewhere else... strange!

I hate it that you guys have been sick. I've had the stomach bug BAD this weekend but Piper is good, so far!!

Jenny said...

Okay, I've got it fixed... did you have to change your blog because it was hacked?

AND I'm with you on the China thing. I can't imagine what our stack of China toys would look like.

Jen said...

Hope you all stay well!