Friday, March 13, 2009

Nap Napper

This week Soph is cutting THREE teeth. There is little sleep happening in the Schafer house. I'm exhausted, she's exhausted, Daddy is exhausted...even the poor cats are exhausted. During all this teething she has decided she no longer needs 2 naps a day. Oh no, Mama..I only need 1! I want that 2nd nap back, darn it!

Next Wednesday we are traveling to Arkansas for 5 days to visit with my parents. I'm already worrying about how the sleep is going to go. Last time we were there she was 3 months old so the sleep wasn't really an issue. I'm praying it goes smoothly though but not getting my hopes up.

That's really all I've got energy for..Haven't had much interest in the old blog lately...too much going on in real life.

Hope all of you have a lovely weekend :)

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