Monday, July 19, 2010

Discipline 101

It has been an exhausting morning in our household.  It's days like these that I feel I was not cut out for parenting and that everything I do is just absolutely wrong.  

Sophia has always been a wonderful child.  She's adventurous, curious, a cuddler, a daddy's girl AND a mommy's girl, a lover of animals and princesses and bubbles.  She is our sweet precious girl and in the moments of her tantrum throwing I have to remember these things about her so I don't overreact. 

From the time we brought her home from the hospital we knew she was going to be strong willed and that has become more obvious the older she gets.  Today it has been all about doing everything her way and anything I tell her or ask her to do/not do, she does the opposite. 

I am no pro at discipline and I feel like I'm wading into unknown waters here...more like drowning in the water.  How on earth do you appropriately discipline a two year old?  Do they understand what you're doing?  I only ask that because with Sophia, everything is fun and games.  

I'm exhausted and have no idea where to begin..I'm hoping Dr. Sears has some suggestions for me...Lord knows I need all the help I can get on this one. 

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Jenny said...

John Rosemond.... he's literally a God send to us. He's all about how grandma use to do things. Really it's all about YOUR attitude. Tell her, "that is not how little girls are suppose to act and you will go to your room, until you can straighten up" Take her to her room and shut the door. She's scream/cry like a crazy person. When she settles down or it's been a fair amount of time (5 minutes or so) go in and say, "are you ready to come out and act like a big girl?" If she is, she can come out. the FIRST sign of ugliness, she goes back. Works like a charm, literally!! Don't make a big deal out of it, just matter of fact.

Autumn said...

I will definitely check him out! Thanks so much for the tip..I'll try it on Sophia next time we have issues!

Jen said...

Autumn...I am totally struggling with this too. Addie is very independent and always has been. She is sweet and funny but she is also very strong-willed and that doesn't make discipline easy. I have taken suggestions form my pedi and from other moms I know but it seems that everyone has to do what works for their child. Time out works on occasion, and so does talking to her the way your friend suggested above. But it doesn't work every time and in every situation. And that is the frustrating part. I guess it wouldn't hurt to do more reading myself, but sometimes that stresses me out more, especially when my child doesn't respond the way others do. Ahh...I guess they don't call it terrible twos for nothing! Hang in there mama!

Autumn said...

Thanks Jen! You too! We have been doing LOTS of time outs lately..almost to the point that I'm wondering if they are even effective. More often I just try to focus her attention on something different but she's too smart for that most of the time. I'm going to have to definitely do some reading and get some ideas for various discipline methods to try because I'm at the end of my rope!

Elle said...

I'm not a parent so unfortunately I can't give you any helpful tips, but what I can do is tell you that you are in fact not a terrible mother! Hang in there!

Autumn said...

Thanks Elle!

Mrs. Classic said...

I just saw your comment about my blog award and wanted to come over and say thanks!
I use to be a nanny and quickly learned that if you don't start disciplining at a young age it never works. We have friends who have been using the love and logic method and it turned around their little girl.

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