Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond...

or in the words of Sophia "to yinyinity and bewond"!

She is addicted to all things Pixar at this stage.  We started with Cars..and Jeff and I were worried that we would be watching that movie at least once a day until we were 50.  Thankfully she branched out to Disney and took an interest in Tinkerbell for a bit.  Of course, we've moved on and now we are at Toy Story.  Good thing there's two of them out on video so we can rotate them and not lose our minds.

Today we were in Target buying essentials to make chocolate chip cookies for a play date on Thursday and she was begging to go to the toy section and check out Buzz and Woody.  Of course I broke and purchased the cheapest Buzz Light Year I could find.

All the way home she talked to Buzz.  "Bwuzz, you wanna drink of juicy?" "Bwuzz, look at the cows!", "Bwuzz, wet's watch Dooowa" was endless and the cutest thing EVER!

She is now having nap time with Bwuzz...he got more kisses than Mommy did today!

OH!  And a cute story, mostly for me to remember:

Jeff was heading off to yoga this morning as Sophia and I were going to gymnastics.  He passed us on the Tollway and Sophia said "There goes Daddy!  Catch him Mommy, catch him"!  She was shrieking.."Sosie go fast too Mommy, Sosie go fast too"!  She was so sad when we didn't catch him.

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