Friday, April 24, 2009

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Early last week I received the news that an old high school friend of mine had suddenly passed away. He was only 31. He had been sick for a few days and didn't go to the doctor. On the 4th day he was rushed to the hospital and passed away 30 minutes later from internal bleeding.

Omar was a great guy. Always smiling, always stirring up some trouble, always having your back. He was a wonderful human being and the world lost an amazing man much too young.

RIP Omar. You are so loved and so missed by so many.


Jen said...

Oh, Autumn...I'm so sorry about your high school friend. Doesn't it just rock you to your core? I found out a couple weeks ago a guy I went to high school with was killed by a drunk driver. He was sitting in the IHOP, waiting for his food & an SUV crashed into the building, killing him instantly. It rocked my world...I haven't been able to shake the shock I felt when I heard. I hope your friend's family finds peace and comfort in our Lord.

Jenny said...

Wow... how depressing and how sobering to just how precious life is.

Autumn said...

Thanks again, Jen. It came as quite a shock. I'm also sorry to hear of your can never be prepared for these kinds of things, can you?

Jenny, very much so. I don't know if Cameron heard or not but it was our classmate Omar Perkins.