Friday, July 10, 2009

The sad monkey slippers

Not much new to write about. I'm swamped with school and just everyday mom stuff. While it all keeps me on my toes, it's kind of boring to write about!

I do have a cute Sophia story though!

The other night Sophia was exploring my bedroom and found my Nick and Nora sock monkey slippers that I bought when I was pregnant with her.

We took them upstairs and she spent the entire day carrying them around and studying the eyes and the nose. It was pretty cute.

Later that evening, when daddy had come home, Sophia discovered she could put the slippers on her feet and walk around the living room in them! FUN! She did this and they would fall off and she would just bawl. Not like a tantrum cry but a full on crocodile tears kind of cry. She did this on and off for almost an hour and every time she started I couldn't help but laugh because the whole thing was just hilarious. Of course every time I tried to help her put them back on she'd pitch a fit because we're going through an "I'm independent" phase.

I got some great photo's of the silliness but have yet to upload them from my camera.

These are what my days are made of and although it can be trying at times, I'm loving every moment.