Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Schafer Family...Party of 4

I haven't felt much like updating here. The reason being that I am 8 weeks pregnant with Baby #2!

I am exhausted 24/7 and nauseous 24/7 and just flat out miserable right now. I don't remember it being this rough when I was pregnant with Sophia. Jeff says I just ate all the time to help with the nausea.

Unfortunately, with Sophia I gained WAY too much weight because of all that eating. This time around I'm finding I'm doing good to eat anything.

My belly is already starting to show. Last time, it wasn't until around the 4th month that I started showing. It's amazing how it's all so different the second time around.

We are excited! Due date is May 4th..but I'm sure he or she will arrive late April as we'll have a c-section.

We are overwhelmed by the American health care system and the cost of having a baby in this country when you have no health insurance. How do people afford having children here? Jeff is self-employed so it's been tough to find health care. I have no idea what we'll do once the baby is here. These are the times I miss Canada. The socialized health care system there was amazing. Hopefully we can find a solution soon!