Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Overdue Update

Wow...Almost a whole year has gone by since I last did a blog post.  I had no idea it had been so long!
So here are a few updates:

  • Sophia started Preschool in September and loves it.  I am amazed how quickly she's grown since Julia was born.  She is an amazing little girl!  Can't believe she turns 4 in just a few months!  She is always quick to remind me that after she turns 4, she will then be 5.  5 holds something magical for her, not sure why but it is the age to be for Sophia.

  • Julia just turned 9 months.   At 8 months, after much stress and worry from me, she finally started sitting up.  A few days before her 9 month birthday she decided to give the commando crawl a go.  There's no stopping her now.  She's into everything!  

  • The sweet child still shows no interest in actual food.  She goes through formula like crazy but food..not a bit curious unless it's a mum mum or a small piece of toast.  I've tried all the bright colorful fruits and vegetables and she just squishes them around and then throws it on the floor.  Maybe she's picking up on my stress and knows she has control of the situation.  She has her 9 month appt. this Friday and I dread this topic with her Pediatrician.  I'm so afraid she's going to tell me Julia has to go through therapy and if that's the case, it isn't going to be pretty.  Julia is a very strong willed child (how did I end up with 2 of those?!).  I'm hoping and praying that this is just a phase and that by her 1st birthday she will be eating a variety of solids and have less interest in formula.  
I'll update again in another year :)