Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last Friday afternoon a woman appeared at my front door asking to rent our townhouse. I told her it wasn't for rent. She then pulled out some papers that she printed off the internet and showed me that it said our address was available for rent for $700 p/month. I was completely shocked. She mentioned that the man posting the ad (on Craigslist) had requested she send him the first and last months rent in order to view the place. When she said that I knew it was a scam.

Yesterday a man came to our door for the same reason. Again I had to tell him, it's not for rent and there's no way you could rent anything in this neighborhood for that amount anyway! He acted a little disgusted with me but whatever.

I contacted Craiglist and told them someone is running a scam on their website and it involves my address and I want them to deal with it. Unfortunately I searched for a bit and couldn't find the posting so it is likely someone else figured it out and got the posting removed.

This morning Jeff called me on his way to work and said there was a notice on the board on the way into the parking garage. Two townhouses in our courtyard were broken into on Tuesday. I don't know if that's related to the shady characters wanting to rent my home but it seems kind of odd. What's crazy is this neighborhood has always been safe, but now I'm not feeling so safe. I just won't be answering my door during the daytime and I'll have to remember to use the deadbolt at all times.


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Thanks for riding the swing with me, I'm glad to know you have put some extra precaution in your life. Good to stay on our toes!

The Bumpkin

Anonymous said...

That's freaky! I hope it gets resolved soon. If not, Jeff needs to buy either a bat or a dog for you! (King George Springer Spaniel?)

Nette said...

How scary. It's a shame that certain people in this world have to put us on guard to even answer our door during the day! I agree, remember the chain lock!