Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I keep telling myself I'll eventually find the inspiration to do something with this blog. I have had it since 2007 and have YET to do anything with it...hopefully this will be the year that all changes! We have some big things happening in 2009 and I should be sure to document them all here.

Right now Sophia is teething (the two uppers) so it's been little sleep and lots of fuss. Poor girl. I've been trying the Hylands Teething Gel (it's homeopathic) but honestly I don't think it works..I don't think any of them work really. I did read good things about their teething tablets but I've yet to find them.

Hopefully she gets through this soon. I hate seeing her in pain.

Here she is showing off her new bottom teeth (would you look at that face!) that came in early December:


Jenny said...

How adorable!!! Glad you're blogging;)
Piper is also getting her top teeth and she's pretty sad about it. Today I let her chew on one of the boy's gogurt tubes. It was cold from the fridge and she loved it:)

Autumn said...

We'll see how long I last at it :)

How's Piper doing with the teething? The top ones seem to be a bit more painful for Sophia.

You are so lucky! There are so many products that aren't available in Canada. I'm going to have to see if they have something similar to the gogurt here.

Jenny said...

She's doing alright.... actually she's screaming her head off at the moment:( but usually she's alright;)
She actually has broken through one of her top front side teeth... the front 2 are almost through but not quite. I thought it was odd she got one of the others first.... bless her!
Hope little Sophia is doing good!!

Abbie said...

My niece was teething during this last visit, and I just wanted to smooch her to death. It was so said seeing her cry. She is just starting to teeth, so my sister is in for it!