Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sophia is a picky eater. I know..8 1/2 months old and already picky. I have had a time getting her to eat any sort of meat or green vegetables. I did successfully get her to eat an avocado with banana over the weekend. However, isn't avocado a fruit? When trying to get her to eat something I put it to my mouth like I'm going to eat it and then say "YUM!". Sometimes this works with her but most times not. I have a smarty pants on my hands.

On Sunday afternoon I was sitting on the floor eating a cracker and I had her Gerber Puffs in hand so she could have a little snack. I handed her a puff and watched as she tried to figure out her pincher grip to get it into her mouth. When she was finally successful she looked at me and said "YUM!"!


Jen said...

Addie LOVES puffs. It was pretty much the only finger food I could get her to eat at first :-) As for veggies, Sophia might like them when she can pick them up and eat them herself. Addie wasn't much for pureed veggies but she will eat chunks of cooked carrots and broccoli like they are candy!!

April said...

I love when kids start picking up our little expressions - well, except the time Bug dropped the f-bomb. Even then, he used it properly.

She's still chugging formula, too, right? I seem to recall that kids are supposed to be on the boob or bottle until at least one year.

As for what she'll eat, I've noticed that Bug has always eaten what he needed. He might go for weeks eating nothing but bread (OK, crackers) and chicken nuggets, but then he'll go through binges where he's stealing my broccoli.

Autumn said...

Jen - it seems she only likes the yellow and orange veggies (squash, sweet potatoes, carrots). I've given up on the green stuff..for now anyway. Thankfully she really likes the sweet potato puffs!

Ape - She is chugging formula like crazy. And she loves to mooch off our plates when we're eating but she will not eat finger foods from her tray. Silly girl. So picky!

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