Friday, January 16, 2009

What happened to sleep?

This week has been tough! On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Sophia decided the second nap of the day only needed to be for 30 minutes. She would then be awake for nearly 5 hours until she went to bed. Yesterday she only took one nap. When it was time to go down for her second nap, she wouldn't have it. She fought and fought. I tried everything. I tried rocking her (which is what I ALWAYS do) and then I tried putting her down in her crib and then going in at 5 min. then 10 min., then 20 min., and so on...that went on forever until I just couldn't stand seeing her cry..just for the record, I personally am completely against letting her cry it out. Yesterday she was up for over 7 hours straight and when bedtime came and she finished her bottle she was out like a light and didn't wake up until after 6 this morning. Today has been a bit better..she's having her afternoon nap, but she's only about 10 minutes in so at this point anything could happen!

I'm wondering if she's trying to drop a nap or if this change in sleep patterns is due to the teething and/or the new skill of crawling and/or trying to stand up and/or separation anxiety. Days like yesterday make me wish children came with a manual. Why the sudden change? How could she go from needing two naps to suddenly NOT needing both of them? When I need sleep, I need the full 8 hours and then some. Of course this has not happened since having a baby which would explain why I'm always in a daze :)

On another note, today she had her gymnastics class and I found out that in 3 weeks (when she has her last class for this period) she gets a report card! HA! I can't imagine what on earth it will say but I think that's the cutest thing ever. Today she had to get her photo taken which will go on her report card. She was all smiles. It was the cutest thing. I'm anxious to see what her instructor has to say!


Jenny said...

OMG... a report card... that's so funny!! how cute! You'll have to scan it in and post it;)
have you heard/read the book the 90 minute sleep cycle? it's great... it's all about how babies need to sleep every 90 minute intervals... meaning, they're either ready for a nap after being awake for 1.5 hours/3 hours/4.5 hours. Piper is usually staying awake for 3 hours and then like clock work is ready for another nap...
I got my blogger background from cutest blog on the block (.com) but I LOVE yours... where did you get it?

Autumn said...

Isn't it funny?

I think I've heard of that book but I haven't read it. Before Sophia was born I read a ton of books..thinking they'd give me all the answers I'd need. Hmph! Wrong! They all have different opinions. BUT I did start using Trixie Tracker and I've slowly watched as her awake time has increased as she's gotten older. However, for the last little bit she hasn't been consistent..she used to be up for 3 hours and then need sleep, now she's up anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours. I watch for all the signals..rubbing eyes, yawning, etc. But she fights it so I just have to go with it. I blame this on her daddy...supposedly he wasn't such a good sleeper either!

Background also came from Cutest Blog on the Block:)